Nowadays, it's commonplace to hear celebrities taking the political helm and donning it for themselves. We already have had actors running for office (Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to mind). Still, there are some people who are surprised when they announce their intention to Run. Case in point: Kid Rock. The rap-rock musician expressed his intent to run for a place in the Senate in 2018.

A little background

Kid Rock first saw fame when his album "Devil Without A Cause" was released back in 1998. It sold 14 million copies and was touted as a rap-rock masterpiece, which propelled the artist to iconic stardom.

His celebrity status was then fueled further by his courtship of Pamela Anderson, who he was married to for a while in the 2000s.

Kid Rock fell off the radar when the rap-rock fad faded but still did some gigs for the benefit of his dedicated fans. He is still active on social media and is seen expressing support for politicians. One of these was then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney back in 2012. He also initially backed Ben Carson in 2016, until Donald Trump announced his intention to run for the Republican nomination. Then Kid Rock backed Trump.

He has been more than actively supporting the current President, releasing a line of pro-Trump merch, and even pushing the slogan "God, Guns, and Trump."

'Kid Rock '18 for U.S. Senate'

Now, it seems that Kid Rock is planning to take his political activity to the next level by actually running for a place in the Senate.

The pseudo-announcement came in the form of Twitter and Facebook posts, through which he directed his followers' attention to a website called "Kid Rock '18 for U. S. Senate."

According to a report by Reuters, the website depicted the rock artist wearing a leather jacket with dark glasses and a white fedora. He also sits on a "star-spangled" plush chair beside a stuffed deer.

And, as if the imagery wasn't enough, the tagline superimposed above him says "Are you scared?"

That's not the end of it. The website also has images of what appears to be campaign paraphernalia: a bumper sticker, a T-shirt, a baseball cap, all bearing his campaign logo. An assortment of slogans are presented, too, including "In Rock We Trust" and "You Never Met a Politician Quite Like Me.


Kid Rock claimed that after his announcement, he received a ton of messages and e-mails asking him if any of these were real. He replied that the answer is an "absolute YES," he is serious about running.