The recent news of the death of ten migrants and the injury of over 30 illegally smuggled undocumented individuals shocked the country. The incident manifested that human trafficking and smuggling is active making San Antonio, Texas, the center of this illegal activity.

Serious injuries suffered by people in hot truck

According to the San Antonio Police Chief William McManus that it is fortunate that there are survivors in this incident. He adds that these things are frequent in the parts of Texas. When police discovered the suspicious van in a remote Walmart parking area, they saw the undocumented immigrants packed inside the brutal scorching van locked inside.

Eight of them were already dead, and dozens have irreversible brain damages brought about by the blistering heat and dehydration.

Human Trafficking is a serious crime as the UN defines it as”the recruitment, harboring, transportation, transfer, and receipt of persons by using threats or force, and also by receiving or giving payments as forms of exploitation.” The people inside the truck were helpless against the people who transported them, reports CNN.

Driver arrested and charged with the death and Injury of dozens

The truck driver claims that he is innocent and did not know what he was transporting. He was arrested and charged and faces a possible death penalty or life imprisonment under Federal Law.

Federal officials said that the truck could have been crammed with about a hundred people before they pried it open.

The truck driver is identified as James Bradley, 60 years old, faces charges of human trafficking that is a capital offense in the State of Texas. Mr. Bradley added that when he first opened the truck, about 30 to 40 people fled on foot.

Survivors narrated that they were loaded into the truck in areas near Laredo, Texas, reports The Guardian.

Undocumented immigrants helpless are against human traffickers and smugglers

US Attorney Richard Durbin Jr. of the Western District of Texas said that the victims were so weak due to the grueling journey they had. Due to their helpless predicament, most of them passed out due to asphyxiation and the extreme heat they endured were the causes of death and very serious injuries.

San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said that they responded immediately as soon as they were informed of the mass casualties and injuries. Most of them had heat strokes that led to the irreversible cause of brain damage. Heat strokes cause the swelling of the brain due to high body temperature.