The Jamboree is a time honored event that every president for the last 80 years has attended, or at least had representation. This event has always been a nonpartisan event until Donald Trump took to the stage. With one 35 minute speech, Donald Trump undid 80 years of tradition. More than that, Trump has managed to do something that no other sitting president has ever done. Donald Trump made the Boy Scouts of America take a political stance. Since its inception, the BSoA has made a point to stay out of politics.

Trump changes his mind again

Donald Trump had said leading up to the Jamboree that he would refrain from partisan speech and rhetoric.

Something changed from that moment to when he stepped on stage. When he got in front of the crowd, he did not pull any punches. Trump went on the offensive from the start and stayed there until the end. He attacked Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, trashed former President Barack Obama, and criticized the so called ‘fake media.’ Even his own staff wasn't safe as he threatened to fire his Health and Human Services Secretary if he couldn't corral the Congressional Republicans to pass his ill fated Healthcare reform bill.

This is not the first time we've seen Donald Trump change his mind, and isn't even the most impactful, but this definitely had some unintended consequences for the Commander in Chief.

Boy Scouts of America draw a line in the sand

After much public backlash, the Boy Scouts of America had to do something. With thousands of parents threatening to pull their sons from the program, and looking to the organization for an official response, they were forced to act. After giving a noncommittal response initially, which was met with much displeasure, Michael Surbaugh came out today and issued a real apology.

In a statement, he said that he extended his apologies to all scouting members who were offended by the political rhetoric that was included in the address.

This statement inserts the BSoA into firmly uncharted territory for them.

He goes on to say that for years the BSoA has refused to take a stand on political issues, choosing instead to remain very much nonpartisan.

So for all the perceived shortcomings of Donald Trump, at least he made the Boy Scouts of America take a stand after 107 years of fence sitting.

The BSoA is not going to sit back and take the ruination of the traditional Presidential address lightly. Their hand was forced here, and this will undoubtedly change the landscape of scouting in America for many years to come.