The police force will soon patrol in a new and stylish truck as Ford unveiled its new F-150 designed for police use. Called the Ford F-150 Police Responder, the new truck is a redesigned Ford 4X4 off-road vehicle but with added features.

Not only will the new police car from Ford scream "badass," there are also a lot of new improvements to help the police perform their duties. For example, where the normal police vehicle can only perform highway chases, the new Ford F-150 Police Responder is geared for desert and forest trails with its equally bigger wheels and body, CNN reported.

F-150 Police Responder Performance

The four-wheel police truck has a turbocharged V6 engine with 375-horsepower. According to CNN, the brakes were also reconfigured to "police-calibrated" performance with an advanced front stabilizer bar. When it comes to speed, it has a maximum of 100 miles per hour. The speed can be maintained for a longer period of time making it a fitting vehicle for perpetrator pursuit in a car chase.

Added feature

The truck guarantees five-person seating. Ford's brand marketing manager Stephen Tyler said that the ample space will also make it more comfortable for officers who will perform off-road patrolling in rural areas.

The interior is slightly different from the usual F-150.

Police exclusive F-150 interiors are redesigned to house computer systems and gadgets required for police work.

Enhanced safety

Not only will it carry enhanced performance, the safety calibration of the truck was upgraded as well. In order to protect police officers, the front seats were enhanced with plates in the back that are capable of blocking knife attacks or any other sharp objects coming from the back.

The back seats and the floors are fitted with strong vinyl materials making it easier to clean up. Ford also said that skidplates were added to the Responder to act as protection for the truck's mechanical systems during off-road missions.

Some Ford models like the Taurus Sedan and Explorer are popularly used by the police force.

The Police Responder Hybrid Sedan is also a popular choice as the company recently released the model. With regards to transporting prisoners, Ford also sells the Prisoner Transport Vehicle, a redesigned Ford Transit van specifically modified to transport inmates.

However, in the recent weeks, some police departments ordered the pullout of Ford police vehicles due to the issue of alleged carbon monoxide leaks. According to Ford, there are no issues related to the Explorer design so far. The Explorer series is a different vehicle from the F-150 series.