This morning United States President Donald Trump went on another Twitter tirade. The subjects of his ire varied but the primary target was the Washington Post exclusive about Jeff Sessions' meeting with the Russian ambassador. In addition to that, he went on to state that as The President he has complete power to issue pardons if anyone is found guilty of criminal activity

Another Tweetstorm

Donald Trump likes to share his unadulterated thoughts with the world through his Twitter account and often refutes news stories that are in any way critical of him or his administration.

The president seemed particularly livid with the revelations in the Washington Post exclusive yesterday about his former aide and now U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The report claimed that U.S. intelligence agencies are in possession of intercepts relating to Sessions' meetings with the Russian ambassador to Washington, Sergey Kislyak. Trump called it a leak and went on to state that they must stop.

The President has already called the investigation into Russian intervention in the U.S. Presidential election and possibility of collusion with his campaign a 'witch hunt'. This past week, the Special Counsel expanded his investigation to include Trump's business transactions with Russians and also those of his associates.

Needless to say, the president must not have been impressed.

Can he issue pardons?

However, a later tweet from the president might be a cause for concern for citizens, jurists, and lawmakers alike.

The Washington Post had earlier carried a story on the limits of the pardoning powers of the U.S. president. The report analyzed whether Trump could actually take the ultimate step of pardoning his aides and himself if they are eventually found guilty in the Russian investigation.

According to legal experts, the entire argument about the pardoning powers is at a theoretical level.

However, if Trump is found guilty and then exercises his pardoning powers to pardon himself then it could plunge the country into an unprecedented constitutional crisis. Trump stated in his tweet that 'all agree' that he has 'complete power to pardon'. He hastened to add in the same tweet that there is no reason to think on those lines since all allegations against him are fake. Last but not the least, the President eventually went after Hillary Clinton and stated that while his son Donald Trump Jr. shared the details of his e-mail exchange with the Russian lawyer, Clinton deleted e-mails. As usual, he called her 'Crooked Hillary'.