Joe Crowley House Of Representatives Democratic caucus leader was reluctant to respond when he was asked for the Democratic Party's key message to voters.

As the number 4, Democrat in the House - The Democratic Party's dilemma eight months after President Donald Trump and GOP won the last autumn elections, partly because democrats were lacking a lasting message, the fact that his party lacked a key message even among Republican differences of opinion.

No vibrant move by the Democrats

Soul search comes when Democrats see at least 24 seats required by the GOP for a majority in the US House of Representatives and cut to the Republican benefits in the US during the middle of the elections of 2018.

However, with a Russian scandal with the House White, historically unpopular plan for health care, the Capitol Hill, and no major GOP legislative powers, the Democrats are still trying to tell the voters what their party is like.

Some people want calls to blame the Republican President as new evidence suggests a possible cooperation between Trump's campaign team and the Russian authorities. Democratic leaders are reluctant to follow this approach, as they only stimulate the GOP base. Others want the Democrats to prioritize on GOP plans to raise health care insurance from millions of people. And yet others say that these debates could be changed to a simplified brand.

At the moment, at least, Democrats make a lot of war trajectory between Russia's investigation and GOP efforts to mitigate Affordable Care Act 2010.

Some liberal groups that have focused on laser health care have been conducting intensification talks in recent weeks, including, Indivisible and Ultraviolet.

Bernie Sanders' suggestion

However, Vermont Senator Bernie focuses mainly on Medicare. Sanders, an independent flock to Senate Democrats, said in an interview that there should be no rush to judge as e-mails issued by Donald Trump’s son this week revealed that Trump's chief consultant met with a lawyer, who was instructed by the Russian government.

Sanders ignored guilty questions and warned that many, thousands of Americans would die every year if the GOP health plan becomes a law. Sanders has organized a state health care program in West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Ohio in the past few weeks and was on Saturday in Iowa. Democratic operation Zac Petkanas, who led the Hillary Clinton campaign war space, agrees that the Russian investigations this week should not change the focus of the party to 2018.