The chaotic atmosphere in the Donald Trump administration continues. After the resignation of Reince Priebus, White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci felt the ax on his neck. President Donald Trump ousted him from his office in the White House. His tenure in office? 10 days, give or take a few hours.

Scaramucci’s tenure in the White House will be membered by turbulent media appearances and foul-mouthed tirade against other cabinet officials. The Guardian reported that he could be the main cause of Reince Priebus' removal as Chief Of Staff.

Six hours after John Kelly’s appointment as the new Chief of Staff, his political demise started immediately. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders informed the shocked White House Corps of this sudden Development.

Shortest Serving Communication Director in history

Scaramucci now has the distinction of having the shortest tenure as a Communication Director of the White House. The previous honoree was Jack Koehler, 11 days serving the Reagan administration. Ironically the third shortest term was also served under Pres. Donald Trump. Mike Dubke served in that capacity in the same administration from March to June for 88 days earlier this year. The Office of the Communication Director was created in 1969 during the Nixon administration.

John Keely’s influence in the White House being felt

Six hours after John Kelly’s arrival, Anthony Scaramucci was history. Kelly is believed appointed to stop the Game of Thrones chaos gripping the Trump administration. The official announcement given was Scaramucci resigned to give John Kelly a free hand in shaping his own team and how to run the White House.

However, people in the know reported that he wants the “mooch” out of office because he is not disciplined enough and lost his credibility to the press. This latest sacking brought about a chilling effect on other White House officials.

Game of Throne Chaos in the White House

It is not unusual that a chaotic environment prevails during the first few months of every administration.

Even the administration of Pres. Bill Clinton was described as such by the press for almost two years. But the current White House situation is best described as a Game of Thrones live reality T.V. series. Scaramucci forces Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer out of the President’s inner circle and keeps putting pressure on another top presidential aide Steve Bannon. He even boasted of directly reporting to the president and not to the Chief of Staff.

Hours after the new Chief of Staff was sworn into office, his own head was chopped off. Instant relief was felt by Steve Bannon. Nobody knows what his next move will be after the pressure was lifted from his back. Sean Spicer was seen among the crowd when the news of his ouster was announced.

Even the best writer of the hit series Game of Thrones is incapable of making a script this gripping.

Donald Trump felt that he now needs to re-tool his administration after half a year in office. John Kelly was appointed to do such. He is given a blank check on how to run the white house. His main goal is to whip the various officials to perform better and this administration run smoothly. Will this be the end of head chopping and a start of normalcy? Only John Kelly can tell, and he has the power to make everything he wish it to be.