An unnamed 9-year-old boy from Gloucester, Massachusetts is now facing breaking, entering, and larceny charges after an Amazon Echo device captured his voice during a break-in at his neighbor's home. The female home owner was prompted to call the police when she received a notification on her iPhone with an audio clip of what sounded like his neighbor's son. The recording of the intrusion was enough evidence for the authorities to then question the Child.

Theft implicated

According to reports, the child broke into his neighbor's home on three different occasions to gather the valuables.

In fact, he was said to have entered through a first-floor screen several times over the past week. According to the police, the boy stole some items including an iPhone, phone charger, $46 in cash, an unopened Amazon package sitting on the porch, and of course, the Echo device.

When the child was put in question, he initially denied any knowledge of the incident. Later on, he confessed to the breaking in and stealing the valuables. He also led the police to the stolen items, which he has hidden outside his home. At first, the cash could not be located with the boy pressing he could not find it. Eventually, the officers found the money stuffed inside a sneaker that was stashed in a closet.

Although most of the items were returned to the owner, the police had to keep the Echo device as evidence.

After all, it was already ruined for having too much exposure outdoors. The child is currently under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

Alexa justice

Alexa has proven once again that it can help justice prevail. The voice assistant has participated in a couple of other cases where it served as significant role in solving crimes or Legal Cases.

The first time was when a court case was dealt with Amazon requiring a copy of the cloud recordings of a particular unit. The forceful submission of the request was due to the established case that the unit could have been a "witness" to a murder that committed while it was playing music.

Another incident that took place earlier this month is when Alexa dialed the emergency services during a violent domestic situation.

According to reports, a gun was drawn on a mother and child, and Alexa was able to recognize the impending danger, which led to its reporting to the proper authorities.

This time, with the charges filed against the child, the device and its system continue to serve and protect their owners. With the preventive action it has mitigated in legal cases such as this, the only downsides are the truths and realities behind every implication.