A horrific incident took place in a small locality just outside Cincinnati, Ohio, on Saturday night, July 8. Two unidentified gunmen entered a private house and shot at a group of people who had gathered there to learn the gender of the baby that was to be born into the family soon. However, the party turned nightmarish when the gunmen opened fire and killed one woman and injured many others, including three children.

Gender revealing party turns into a nightmare

The incident rocked Colerain Township Saturday night, in which a 22-year old woman, later identified as Autumn Garrett from Indiana, lost her life.

Police Chief for the Township claimed that the two gunmen entered the living room of the house where the family was gathered and fired their handguns everyone who was inside. Following the barrage of gunshots, the two unidentified men left the house on foot. Police officials were unable to identify or arrest either of the two perpetrators.

Apart from the one death, the shooting caused injuries to eight people, out of which three were children aged two, six, and eight. Doctors reported that seven of the people injured were stable and would not suffer any lasting physical ailments as a result of the incident. However, one of the victims was grievously injured and was reported to be in a very serious state.

The expecting mother who had arranged the party to let her family know that she was expecting a baby boy was shot in the leg and said that as a result of this wound, she had lost her baby. Police authorities did not confirm the veracity of this statement. However, they did reveal that the two gunmen wore black hoodies and entered the house while the people inside were busy watching a movie.

Police were unable to ascertain whether the gunmen knew the victims personally, but said that preliminary investigations suggested that they opened fire randomly at the people. Police spokesman Jim Love also claimed that this was a random Shooting and did not seem as if they were specifically targeting the children who had been injured.

First responders on the scene were shocked by what they saw

911 calls from the house reveal how panic struck the people there. Dispatchers were hardly able to make out what the caller was saying and had to ask them repeatedly how many were injured. Even the responding officer was unable to count the victims and just asked the department to send lots of ambulances to the scene. The small township fire department had to seek out ambulances from neighboring agencies to meet the number of vehicles needed to transport all of the injured to the hospital.