The Speaker of the House is in doubt over Robert Mueller’s credibility. Trump conformist Newt Gingrich requested the President to rethink Mr. Mueller’s position, as reported by BBC.

Mueller’s team raises doubt

The Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein asked Mr. Mueller with the supervision of the justice department’s investigation. Mr. Mueller had started selecting his team members, majorly comprised of criminal law experts. Robert Mueller, a Former FBI Director, was appointed to investigate possible collusion between President Trump’s campaign team and Russia.

Donald Trump has laid blame on the Democrats arguing that the investigation is a “witch hunt” and an excuse by his opponents for why they were defeated. The ongoing investigations by Robert Mueller could be a more portentous signal of trouble on the prospect of the Trump government. Mr. Mueller’s appointment has intensified attacks from some influential conservatives, who are openly defending his dismissal.

According to BBC, Mr. Gingrich wrote on Twitter that: “Republicans are mistaken if they think the special counsel is going to be impartial. Look who is hiring.” According to the Telegraph report, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said that: “I think he’s contemplating perhaps dismissing the special counsel.

I think he is weighing that option.”

Adam Schiff, who is the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, was quick to respond to the report. He said that if they dismissed Mueller, then they would instantly “re-establish independent counsel and appoint Mueller.” Conservative Analyst Ann Coulter said that Attorney General Sessions “never should’ve recused himself” from the Russia investigation.

She, further, insisted that Sessions should fire Mueller, now that the President is not under investigation.

The authority to fire Robert Mueller

Mueller was not employed by the executive, thus the Authority of firing him rests with the attorney general. Now that Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, then the authority to sack Mueller rests with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Rosenstein might be confronted with a choice between dismissing Mueller and losing his job. Should Rosenstein choose to resign, then the decision would be in an order of the sequence of command at the Justice Department. The reason why Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation was due to his conversation with Russia’s ambassador to Washington during the campaign period.