For once, Facebook Live is in the news for a good reason, as it will assist in the conviction of a known Drug Dealer. 22-year-old Breon Hollings was bragging about the amount of cash he had on the live-streaming platform when officers suddenly burst into his Jacksonville home. While the Facebook Live video was not related to the arrest, officers found a handgun, ammunition, crack cocaine, various drug paraphernalia, and oxycodone pills in his Amazon Avenue home.

Facebook Live video shows suspect flashing his cash as police arrive

Action News Jax reports that several people sent them the Facebook Live video, showing officers raiding the Florida man's home.

The video starts with Hollings flashing a handful of cash at the camera while bragging about it until he suddenly hears officers arriving outside. After looking out of his window, he runs from the room.

Police use smoke grenades as they enter the Jacksonville man’s home

As noted by CBS 47, in the background of the video, officers from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office can be heard yelling at the door that they have a search warrant. This is followed by a series of noises, which Hollings’ neighbor's claim was smoke grenades, thrown by the officers into the home. One neighbor said anonymously that it sounded like big bombs going off. As the

One neighbor said anonymously that it sounded like big bombs going off.

As the Facebook Live video continues, a police officer can be seen walking into the frame and other officers can be seen entering and leaving the room up until the video ends.

Jacksonville man behind bars and facing several drug-related charges

After his arrest, Hollings is facing several charges, including possession of a controlled substance, cocaine, and paraphernalia for manufacturing drugs, along with possession of a weapon.

This isn’t the first time the Jacksonville man has faced drugs charges. He has reportedly been arrested twice and also has convictions for criminal mischief, child abuse, and trespassing.

Live-streamed video may hurt Hollings’ case

The video, showing Hollings bragging about the amount of cash he had, could possibly hurt Hollings’ case when it goes to court.

According to Crime and Safety Expert Ken Jefferson, he has never seen anything like this in his over 24 years in law enforcement. Jefferson said the Facebook Live video could easily implicate the Jacksonville man, especially if he is unemployed and flashing money around.

As reported by ABC 10 News, police had planned the search warrant on Hollings’ home prior to the Facebook Live surfacing, so it didn’t relate to the case, but will obviously be of help in his conviction.