The incident happened shortly before 5:30 p.m. on June 21 in Dorchester, Massachusetts, as two men were passing a parked car. The men immediately noticed that a man and a woman were passed out in the front seats of the vehicle and that there was a needle lying on the woman’s lap. The men knocked on the car window, trying to wake the couple, all the while catching the incident on Facebook Live video.

Video of overdose posted to Facebook Live

Junior JayRoc DiSola, one of the two men attempting to awaken the couple, took video footage of the incident, posting it to Facebook Live, with the caption “Drugs is a terrible thing… #BostonStrung Out!”

On the video, one of the men can be heard saying “They’re dead,” and “Somebody call 911,” while urging the couple to wake up.

After almost a minute, the woman can be seen to come around, disoriented and shocked. However, the man in the vehicle, identified by the woman as Dan, would not come around, no matter what the woman did.

Two doses of Narcan bring the man around from his overdose

The woman said she had Narcan in her trunk, which she fetched and then administered two doses of the overdose-reversal drug. As a crowd of people begins to gather around the vehicle, the unidentified woman goes on to tell them her friend doesn’t often take drugs and that she was worried about him.

After using the Narcan and performing CPR on the man, Dan finally awoke and vomited.

As reported by, the woman said the Narcan was the new double strength version, but she gave him two doses because she didn’t want to take any chances. Narcan does work, according to the woman, who said she had been through similar incidents “multiple times.” The woman can also be heard thanking the men for waking her up.

No charges by Boston Police in the overdose incident

According to a Boston police spokesman, Officer Stephen McNulty, Boston Emergency Medical Services soon afterward arrived to treat the man at the scene. Police officers also assisted but reportedly no incident report was filed relating to the incident and neither party was arrested.

As reported by CNN, McNulty added that no drugs were found at the scene. Speaking of the video, McNulty said while it is disturbing and troubling, there will be no criminal investigation at this stage.

After the video went viral on Facebook Live, DiSola posted a copy to YouTube, which is included below. Please note it might be upsetting to sensitive viewers.