The European Command of the US Armed Forces released the photographs of an incident between a Russian Su-27 fighter and a US Reconnaissance Aircraft (RC-135) over the Baltic Sea -- which took place on Monday, as reported by CNN.

In the published photographs, a Russian fighter jet was flying very near to the wing of the US aircraft that Russian fighter jet's pilot can be seen sitting n the cockpit. It was also confirmed from the images that Russian jet was armed. There were total eight photographs released by the US command.

The US military reported that the interception was considered unsafe due to the high speed of rapprochement and poor control of the Su-27.

Russian Su-27 fighter flew too fast

The Ministry Of Defense of the Russian Federation said that the American aircraft had carried out a "provocative turn" towards the Russian Su-27. But the Pentagon replied that their plane did not commit any provocative maneuvers but instead the Su-27 pilot flew too fast and badly controlled the aircraft.

The incident occurred on June 19, when the Su-27 was sent to intercept the RC-135 over the neutral waters of the Baltic. According to Fox News, the distance between the planes was about one and a half meters (5 feet). The Russian pilot continued escorting the U.S plane after his dangerous maneuver until the reconnaissance plane diverted to a direction away from the Russian border.

The department also added that ten minutes after the incident with the US reconnaissance aircraft in the Baltic Sea, another RC-135 entered the zone, which was also intercepted by the Russian Su-27.

30 interactions between Russian and US aircraft and ships

According to the U.S. official, there have been more than thirty interactions between the U.S. and Russian aircraft and ships near the Baltic Sea since June, reported by CNN.

The official also added that most of these encounters have been professional and safe, and it adds more significance to the Monday's incident.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, just over the past week, NATO warplanes flew many times to the Russian border over the Baltic Sea. Russian Federation's Defense Ministry stressed that all the Russian fighters' flight over the neutral waters of the Baltic are carried out in the strict accordance.

Also, on June 21, the F-16 fighter from the Polish Air Force dangerously approached the airliner of Russian Defense Minister over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea.