According to the Miami Herald, three married men currently enlisted in the United States Marine Corps might have to confront charges after being involved in a bizarre episode that occurred in Columbia back in February. Apparently, the active duty service members went out to get drunk with multiple women that drugged and then later robbed them. Majors Mauricio Saenz and Andrew Mueller, along with Colonel Roger McDuffie, may have succumbed to what is called burundanga poisoning. This type of sabotage occurs when casualties are slipped a medication for the sole purpose of misleading or victimizing them.

Marines examined by the Corps

In a detailed investigation conducted by the U.S. Marine Corps, officials found out that on the evening of February 3, 2017, all three men engaged in festivities at two bars with a larger gathering of their fellow members of the armed forces.

Shortly after the event ended, most of the Marines retired to their designated quarters. Mueller, McDuffie, and Saenz proceeded to pursue their endeavors which included meeting up with four female locals in Bogota. They understood that the military strictly prohibits staff associated with the Pentagon from entering this area.

Sooner or later during the night, the three Marines drank an exceptionally inebriating Colombian alcohol called aguardiente.

Once intoxicated, the women in question quickly slipped them several benzodiazepines.

The regular surveillance cameras at the motel they were residing in recorded the Marines escorting the women through a corridor to their respective lodgings around 4:30 a.m. Not only did they pass fellow officers on their way to the airport, but also violated their curfew in the process.

The men were supposed to be in their hotel rooms by 1:00 a.m.

The women aimed to raid

Two of the servicemen became completely unconscious while in the company of two of the women. The third one allegedly removed money from his ATM card then proceeded to convey the other two ladies to the room he was residing in at the time.

By the time the men realized what happened, the women had stolen Mueller’s iPhone and a laptop assigned to him for work.

They also took his personal iPhone 6 and iPad as well. McDuffie’s Apple products given to him for work-related purposes were also stolen, along with his iPod and iPhone. Cash, likewise, was also taken.

This incident wasn't the first occasion when US military forces ended up in a terrible predicament while touring in Colombia.

As indicated in the Miami Herald, all three officers might face both legal and administrative consequences because of the incident. The U.S. Marine Corps may seek corrective action against the men because they engaged in behavior unbecoming of a real military officer.