Wray is 49 years old and is a lawyer by profession. He worked under the Bush administration as an Assistant Attorney General in the criminal division from 2003 to 2005. Before being appointed the head of the F.B.I, Wray was a litigation partner at King and Spalding; a private law firm. According to NBC News, Donald Trump announced on Wednesday of this week that Wray would be heading the F.B.I as the director. He will be replacing James Comey who was fired by Trump on May 9th this year. Wray was interviewed by the president for the job on May 30th of this year according to the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Wray's life and work as a public servant

Christopher Wray was born to a mother who was a lawyer and a father who was a programming officer. He graduated in law from Yale University in 1989. He spent one year working at the U.S Court of Appeal for the Fourth Circuit as a clerk. He began working for the justice department for the first time in the Nothern District of Colombia in 1997 as an assistant U.S. Attorney. He was later appointed as an assistant deputy general to the Justice Department and as the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General.

George W. Bush nominated him in the year 2003 to the criminal division of the Justice Department as an assistant general. The U.S Senate approved his appointment unanimously, and he worked in the position from the year 2003 to 2005. He worked under James Comey in that position before becoming the Deputy Attorney General. He received the Edmund J.

Randolph Award in 2005 for his public service and leadership skills while working for the justice department.

Wray's work in private practice

He first practiced law privately at King and Spalding in the year 2005. He was working for the firm in Washington D.C as a litigations partner. He has also worked in the companies' Atlanta offices.

He worked as an attorney for Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie during the Bridge gates scandal. The Bridge gates scandal is a scandal whereby New Jersey governor political appointees and staff members colluded in the morning of September 9th, 2013 to create a traffic jam in Fort Lee, New Jersey for political reasons.

Wray's greatest tasks ahead

It is not yet known how far Wray will be investigating Trump and Moscow's past relations as well as Russia's interference in the U.S 2016 presidential elections considering that he is going to be nominated by Trump. Other issues include U.S surveillance issues on its citizens, ISIS threats and Obama's surveillance on Trump during last year's presidential campaign.