President Donald Trump confirmed that he is under investigation due to the dismissal of former FBI Director James Comey. He wrote about it on Twitter, Associated Press reported and elaborated on the story citing sources within the administration.

According to his tweet, he is being investigated by the man who told him to fire James Comey. Describing the action against him as "witch-hunts," President Trump did not give any other details.

Trump's tweet

Donald Trump dismissed the head of the FBI James Comey last month.

He also added that he coordinated his decision with the US Attorney General and his deputy. According to Trump both of them supported this action.

According to Trump's tweet, it was not clear what exactly Trump meant by using the phrase "the man who told me to fire the director of the FBI." However, the New York Times believes that he hinted at the Deputy Minister of Justice Rod Rosenstein, who put the former head of the FBI Robert Mueller in to lead the commission investigating the so-called "Russian Probe."

AP wrote that the deputy attorney general's role in leading the federal investigation has become "increasingly complicated." They also pointed out that the " White House has used a memo he wrote to justify Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, but that Trump action may now be part of the probe.

Thursday night, Rosenstein issued an unusual statement complaining about leaks in the case."

Jeff Sessions recused himself

Trump's Tweet is most likely directed against Rod Rosenstein, the author of the memorandum which became a formal reason for Comey's dismissal. Rosenstein became the supervisor of the investigation into Trump's administration over alleged ties Russia, after the Attorney General and the head of the Justice Ministry, Jeff Sessions withdrew himself from the case, the Associated Press wrote.

Trump accused James Comey of leaking information

Earlier, Donald Trump had accused James Comey of leaking information and promised to publicize the content of their conversations. Trump did not specify when he would do it, but he assured that it would not take long to wait.

The head of the White House said that he was ready to explain how everything happened under oath.

He repeated once again that he had never interfered in the FBI investigation and had not asked them to stop investigating his national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was suspected of having links with the Russian authorities.

The congressional commission, which was investigating Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential elections, submitted an official request for any James Comey/White House recordings by June 23 related to conversations between Trump and the director of the FBI.

Trump has already commented on the testimony of the former FBI director, James Comey, which he gave at the hearings of the Senate Committee.