The Montgomery Police Department said that three suspects have been arrested and charged in connection with the killing of two teens in Maryland. The bodies of the two teens were found a day before their High School graduation. Security agents said they suspect that the murder was revenge for a robbery operation that one of the slain teens was rumored to have carried out.

Three suspects charged

According to Yahoo News, Montgomery Police Chief Thomas Manger said at a press briefing on Saturday that three people have been charged with the deaths of Shadi Adi Najjar, 17, and Artem Ziberov, 18.

The three suspects were identified as Jose Canales-Yanez, 25, Roger Garcia 19, and Edgar Garcia-Gaona, 24. All three men have been charged with two counts of murder and conspiracy. He added that two brothers, Garcia and Garcia-Gaona, were directly involved.

According to police investigators, friends of Najjar said that he robbed the girlfriend of Yanez in December of last year and was murdered in retaliation by the gang. “We are not quite sure if there was a motive for the killing of Ziberov as well, or if he was murdered for been in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Bodies found in a Honda Civic

According to Manger, Ziberov and Najjar's bodies were found in the evening hours of Monday in a Honda Civic in a remote village of Montgomery, which was the night before their graduation from high school.

He said Ziberov was shot 10 times and Najjar four times. Police found several Glaser 40-caliber shells and shell casings in the shattered window of the car.

The Montgomery Police Chief said investigators stated that Najjar was said to have carried out a robbery operation in late 2017. The rumor was linked to a report by the former girlfriend of Canales-Yanez, who admitted that passengers in a blue Honda Civic seized her iPad and dragged her about 50 feet with the car on Dec.

14. An informant told investigators that Najjar was murdered in retaliation for the robbery operation.

Before his death, Najjar was said to have sent a text message to someone that he was going to sell a graduation ticket to one Roger Garcia, who investigators identified as a student of Northwest High School, Manger said -- according to CBS Baltimore. He further stated that the investigation was still ongoing, and he hopes that with the release of the names of the suspects, those with knowledge of the case will come forward.