On Friday, Environmental campaigners protested against President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris climate pact, while the other nations decided to follow through with the agreement.

In Germany, environmental activists pasted a silhouette of Donald Trump onto the side of the American embassy with the words “#TotalLoser, so sad!”

Some hours later German Chancellor Angel Merkel made an impromptu statement in which she referred to President Donald Trump’s decision as extremely regrettable to say the least. But she also said it was time to look forward.

The German Chancellor reiterated that Trump's decision wasn’t going to deter those who felt the need to protect the planet. On the contrary, Germany, Europe and the world will combine their forces with more determination than ever to successfully handle the problem of climate change.

EU and Chinese officials reaffirm their Paris pact pledge

The European Council President Donald tusk, standing alongside Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, said in a statement in Brussels that the European Union and China were sure that Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Climate accord was a huge mistake.

President Tusk, in reference to the latest decision of the administration said that the China and European Union had shown loyalty and responsibility by reconfirming their climate change agreement.

Officials from the EU and China (two of the world’s major polluters) have prepared a pledge reconfirming their agreement to the 2015 Climate deal, which is considered a deal for uniting together many countries under a common target.

President Trump reiterated that the U.S. would be glad to renter the agreement if it could get more considerable terms, but the leaders of Germany, France and Italy unanimously stated on Thursday that the deal couldn’t be renegotiated.

Scientist foresee Millions of climate refugees in the next decade

Barbara Hendricks, Germany’s environmental minister, told German reporters that other nations will occupy the vacuum but none will be expected to fill Washington’s shoes.

Hendricks stated that the financial vacuum created by the United States could be filled using other mechanisms like the World Bank.

The Green Fund is designed to help third world countries adapt to climate change.

Scientific researchers have predicted that third world countries will be on the most terrible side of the climate change, with millions of climate refugees in the coming years.

South Africa said the U.S. pullout was a sign of irresponsibility. It said the U.S. has a moral obligation to assist poor nations.