US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that relations between the United States and Russia have never been worse and that the government is working on their improvement. He added that Cuba needs to work to improve human rights in the country if it wants a better relationship with Washington.

Sanctions against Russia

Tillerson, said during a hearing at the Congress regarding sanctions against Russia this week, that the US has a series of serious open issues with Moscow, and that the relationship between the two states is have never been worse. He added that the goal of the current government is "to stabilize it".

"We are working in a number of areas, in particular, to see if there is a possibility of establishing a kind of functioning relationship with the Russian government that is in our interest, especially in Syria," Tillerson said.

The Senate is considering a sanction package against Russia in response to Moscow's interference in the 2016 presidential election and its aggression in other parts of the world, including Syria and Ukraine. The Secretary of State harshly criticized the Cuban government on Tuesday, pointing out that this island state must "start addressing human rights issues" if it wants the US to keep the path of normalization of Havana relations initiated by former President Barack Obama.

Tillerson said it a few days before the announcement by the administration of President Donald Trump about the change of policy towards that country.

Putin commented on American propaganda

Vladimir Putin jokingly offered an asylum to former FBI director James Comey. Putin commented that it was very strange that the FBI officials gave details of the conversation with President Trump and compared it to the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

"If there is any kind of accusation, we would be prepared to offer political asylum to Mr. Comey if he gets sued by the US," Putin said. He also added that Comey's decision to release the notes about Trump talks with Russia placed him in a vulnerable position and how he behaved more like an activist than the director of the FBI.

Putin also said he did not consider the US an enemy, and that Russia to want to have a constructive dialogue with Washington.

Putin spoke of Comey's recent testimony before the Senate. "I'm not familiar with the testimony of former FBI director," Putin said, answering citizens' questions during the annual television show. "I will say again, Comey did not show any evidence (of Russian interference)."

"What about constant American propaganda, constant American support to pro-American non-governmental organizations through direct funding? Is not that a strain on our minds? Is that not an attempt to influence how we should behave during election campaigns?" Putin added that this is happening a year after year.