Various reports over the "useless" White House press briefing that happened on Monday — and throughout the week — centered in on CNN reporter Jim Acosta who tweeted and commented about how useless he felt they were. It's been reported that the White House started to cut down press briefings and would not allow camera or audio recording in the James Brady briefing room, a clear indication that the administration is doing what it always wanted to do — to do away with the White House press briefings.

Back and forth between Spicer and reporters

As a result of the White House stonewalling the press last Monday, one reporter asked the press secretary Sean Spicer why they couldn't get a live feed of the press briefing to which Spicer gave a strange response saying that they would decide when the President would be a better voice to speak for the administration.

Another reporter asked somewhat condescendingly -- since cameras were not allowed to film -- if Spicer could ask the President to be so kind as to come out and answer some of their questions. Spicer responded in kind saying that he would be sure to share the reporter's sentiments with the President.

But again, it was Acosta who would become the center of attention when Spicer reportedly ignored him, according to an article by the Hill titled: "White House reporters fume over off-camera briefings." The article said that Acosta shouted questions at the press secretary but that they were ignored. The article recalls that President Trump had called CNN and Acosta "fake news" during a press conference in February.

The Hill then stated that Spicer walked away from the press briefing ignoring Acosta as he shouted out as to why they couldn't even get their questions answered off-camera.

No surprise if White House cancels briefings

The White House's YouTube channel had not posted a press briefing video since June 6, which ended right under 25 minutes when Spicer cut questions short and walked out of the room saying that the Senate was there to meet with them.

Their channel then held another one on the 12th, then the 20th. The transcripts on the official White House site "document" their version of events but without cameras or recording devices allowed, and questions not being taken, there's not way to hold accountability. CNN sent a supreme court sketch artist to illustrate a briefing during the week.

Various media reports say that Sean Spicer is out as Press Secretary and though it's likely that Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would have taken his place -- given the White House's willingness to do away with press briefings and their growing lack of scheduling them and even allowing them to be recorded -- the White House will likely be canceling them altogether.

Jim Acosta of CNN was the most vocal about the lack of briefings where he pointed to every issue as the White House not wanting to be held accountable or answering questions.

He suggested that all reporters should simply walk out of these briefings, otherwise, reporters will continue to be stonewalled. But given that the White House is determined to not have these briefings at all, it's likely that walking out will be all the administration needs to cancel them altogether.