Russia and China have steadily adopted U.S. air tactics and aircraft technology. This is according to Lt. Gen. Arnold Bunch, deputy officer to the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition during a House Armed Services Committee meeting that took place on June 7.

The United States is lagging due to complacency

In the absence of a real threat, the United States starts to lag on its technological innovation. This is what Bunch eluded to as he tackles on U.S. adversaries namely Russia and China and their apparent improvements in aircraft technology.

He said that the technological state of America's potential enemies is almost on par in many areas of the current military strength of the U.S. air force. Bunch also added that with the current progress of Russia and China, it is a matter of time when these countries can stand shoulder to shoulder with the United States.

Bunch said that to address this issue, the United States must rapidly improve its arsenal and aircraft technology. At the moment, the main aircraft of the U.S. Air force is the F-22 Raptor, which is capable of operating in hostile airspace.

It is also planned that the F-22 will be in service into 2060. The U.S. Military is to purchase a new generation fighter, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which will replace the F-22 after its length of service.

However, the Russians have started to build a new aircraft that will rival and even surpass the F-22.

What is the progress in aircraft technology of Russia and China?

The Russian military is feverishly developing a new type of stealth fighter that boasts to surpass what Britain and America have. The new aircraft is called the SU-35S, which is still currently in steady testing.

Russia is planning to export this aircraft to countries willing to buy this model, which will be problematic as China will be a major customer.

Russia is also planning to build the world's biggest nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier in response to the new Gerald Ford class carriers of the United States. China and Russia are also developing a missile defense system that will rival the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense or THAAD, which is now installed in South Korea and in the near future, Japan.

The technological development of Russia is a real threat to the military superiority of the United States. Countries not aligned with U.S. policy will now have another country to align to that can rival the strength of the United States. It is high-time according to Lt. Gen. Bunch, that America upgrades its military arsenal to cope with the changing landscape of the modern day world.