Last week, special counsel Robert Mueller met with Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr along with ranking Democrat Sen. Mark Warner. On Tuesday, Mueller met with the leaders of the House Intelligence Committee who are also conducting an investigation along with the Senate on the possible collusion of Trump campaign aides with Russian officials, separate from the FBI.

The purpose of the special counsel's meeting with members of Congress was to make sure that neither of the committee's investigations conflicted with his. Mueller also met with Senate Judiciary Committee leaders on Wednesday which included Republicans Lindsey Graham and Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse — who is also with the Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism.

Congress and the Special Prosecutor

CNN's article titled: "Special Counsel Robert Mueller meets with House Russia investigators" reported that the Senate Intel Committee was not pursuing a case for obstruction of justice against the President, but it did mention that the Senate Judiciary Committee would, per Chairman Chuck Grassley and ranking member Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

The article also pointed out that the committees that are running the investigations had not yet obtained former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey's memos, which the former FBI official started keeping after his first meeting with President-elect Trump while at Trump Tower in January.

Trump lashing out at investigators

After President Trump had fired Comey, he began slamming the credibility and the reputation of both the FBI and its former director saying that the bureau was in disarray. During James Comey's hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee in June, the former director said that it was under that criticism that he decided to release memos he had kept to a friend in the news media for publication, hoping it would force the Department of Justice to appoint a special prosecutor.

Before his hearing, the former agent held a briefing with Robert Mueller over what he would reveal, despite the administration's claims that James Comey "leaked" that information.

Accountability over attacks

With frequent developments in Mueller's preparation to investigate President Trump, the White House has done as they promised and are working to discredit the special council as a way to fight back against the investigation.

Last Sunday, one of President Trump's lawyers was on Fox News with Chris Wallace where he denied that the President was under investigation despite saying twice that he was during the interview.

It's been reported that the administration had been exploring a way to fight against Mueller, using the President's personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz. Kasowitz is leading a team of lawyers which includes Jay Sekulow, the same lawyer that was getting "grilled" by Fox News' Chris Wallace last Sunday. Here is a clip of that interview with Sekulow.