President Donald Trump welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi in their first meeting at the White House on Monday. Both leaders demonstrated warm relations and discussed the military cooperation between India and the US during a Rose Garden ceremony, CNN reported.

Both world leaders looked like good friends and shared many hugs on their first meeting at the White House and had dinner together at night after the official meeting.

Modi was glad to have such a warm welcome, said that his visit was "filled with friendliness" from the very beginning to the end.

Trump was the optimistic in a meeting

While delivering joint statements, Trump admitted the possible differences they have, but he preferred to stay optimistic and stressed that they agree on most things. Moreover, he supposed that by the end of the day they would agree on everything.

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka had accepted the invitation to visit India and lead the US delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit next autumn.

Also, President Trump said that the security partnership was "incredibly important", as both the nations suffered from terrorism, and suggested Modi cooperate together to "destroy radical Islamic terrorism", as India has the strong economy for that.

He said about his hopes to widen the dimensions to their cooperation, assuring that "India's interests lie in as strong and prosperous and successful America in the same way that India's development and its growing role in the international level are in the US' interest."

Both the world leaders have the largest Twitter following.

Currently, on Twitter, Trump has 32.9 million followers, while Modi has 31 million followers.

CNN's New Delhi Bureau Chief Ravi Agrawal believes, the Indian media will present this meeting as a very successful visit, and now there are no doubts that Trump will be an ally to India, unlike three former US Presidents.

Questions under discussion.

During the meeting, both Presidents stressed the importance of helping Afghanistan to stabilize and ensure its security and admitted the role of the Indian-US relations for that.

They agreed to maintain close consultation and communication for that.

According to the joint statement, the two leaders called on all countries to solve all the disputes, territorial and naval peacefully, according to the international law.

Then Trump mentioned "the ongoing provocations" of North Korea, which may threaten the regional security and the world order, and noted the importance to solve the question about the DPRK fast. Trump and Modi called on Pyongyang to act according to the international law.

The world leaders called on the Pakistani government to guarantee the security of borders, in order to prevent the terrorists from attacking its territory, and to quickly extradite the criminals responsible for the attacks in Mumbai, Pathankot and other terrorist attacks by Pakistani groups, the statement said.

Finally, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited Donald Trump and his family to visit India. He thanked Trump and his wife for a warm welcome in the United States.