While news publications have now fallen relatively silent regarding the possible nuclear threats from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the country has apparently not slowed down in its efforts to fully arm themselves in the case of a US invasion. North Korea’s state media has now hinted that they are in fact close to testing their long-range missiles that will be able to reach different cities within the country, including the Trump Tower in New York City.

Continued testing

Since Donald Trump officially took the position as the President of the United States, North Korea has been boasting its plans to bolster up its arsenal in order to deter any possible hostilities.

Since then, the country has been able to test most of its new missiles, most of which were shown off during the April 15 parade that celebrating the birthday of Kim Il Sung.

As of the moment, the country has been able to test out a variety of smaller missiles, including its solid-fueled medium-range ballistic missile, a short-range Scud missile, a new intermediate-range ballistic missile, and a new anti-ship cruise missile. According to several sources, the country has been firing off different missile systems at a rate of once every week.

Not quite there yet

Aside from the various test, North Korea has not yet pulled off a successful test for its intercontinental ballistic missile system (ICBM).

The country has already revealed that it has possession of those missiles, as two of them were actually showed off at the end of its April parade. There are still a lot of unknown details regarding the missiles, which are being referred to as the KN-08. It has been reported that they could be powered by the same engine used by the Hwasong-12 or a similar solid-fuelled system.

Keeping their word

According to a recently published issue of Rodong Sinmun, a government-run newspaper, Trump’s claims that the DPRK will not have access to nuclear weapons that can reach the United States may be proven wrong as the country’s ICBM tests is apparently “not a long way off at all.” The newspaper article then specifically mentioned New York City and how its 10,400km distance from North Korea is “not a long distance” for their system’s strike capabilities.

Then again several analysts have claimed that North Korea’s threats may be exaggerated as they may still be far off from possessing a working system capable of striking the United States. Even if they continue to conduct their tests, the first few launches will likely fail spectacularly. Then again, it may not be a good idea to give them the space to learn from their mistakes as they might eventually be able to get things right somewhere down the line.