The Express has reported that "Russia was surrounded on all sides by NATO forces yesterday as America and Britain kicked off a summer of war games in Kaliningrad, amid World War III fears."

The NATO army, led by a huge number of U.S. nuclear bombers that mainly consist of B-52, B-1, and B-2 stealth airplanes is surrounding Russia along the borders of their western enclave in order to confront Putin's Baltic fleet. In this operation, now called Sabra Strike, the British will provide any help that might be necessary with some of the very best of their war planes.

NATO wants to prevent conflict

According to Lieutenant Richard Clark, a U.S. air force commander, NATO clearly wants to show that they will do anything in their power to prevent any kind of conflict that might occur in the future. There is no doubt this is a bold move from NATO as these joint forces of the UK and USA clearly show that they are ready to swoop in when even the slightest possibility of conflict arises, and, if needed, they are even ready to confront Russia along the way.

Apparently, Operation Sabra Strike was launched because Russia sent a couple of their own nuclear bombers last week across the Baltic Sea. These bombers just happen to be Tu-160 Blackjack strategic nuclear bombers, the world's largest aircraft.

President Putin furious

There's no doubt that Russian President Vladimir Putin is absolutely furious because of this bold move. It was reported that Mr. Putin denies any kind of rumors that Russia is planning an attack on Baltic countries. He also stated that it is, in fact, NATO that is threatening the stability of whole Eastern Europe by increasing their military presence and demonstrating these types of war games.

Lieutenant Steven Venter, a U.S. Commander explains the real reason behind Operation Sabra Strike. He said that it is all for defense purposes as their main focus is to defend NATO from any kind of future attacks that might occur. According to him, there is no better way to stop the aggression than to be not only ready but a razor sharp and lethal as well.

As NATO officials firmly believe, this serious conflict in the Baltic sea will definitely lead to Moscow holding an even greater military exercise in September than was originally planned. Apparently, this exercise, that goes by the codename "Zapad", will be taking place in Russia and Belarus and it might involve up to 100,000 troops.