Last fall two very rare Conjoined Twins underwent major surgery to be separated. The operation was rare but also successful. Since then the twins have been doing great, and her Mother has been posting regular updates about them. After the surgery CNN pundit Dr. Sanjay Gupta put together a documentary detailing the whole ordeal and it is set to air Friday night. As the time draws closer to the airing of the documentary the mother has posted that she feels like she is selling out when she promotes the upcoming show. In lieu of wanting to give credit to the people who made the world aware of her boys, she is planning on supporting GoFundMe pages with every share of the CNN special so that people may donate to those instead of her twins.

Conjoined twins operation was a miracle

Conjoined twins are very rare. However, these twins were a special case. Not only were they born alive but they had all of their faculties and were healthy baby boys. When the time came to separate them, there was a lot of anxiety about the surgery. According to the grandmother the doctor wasn't even sure that they would finish the surgery, and yet they pulled it out, and the twins came out of surgery. After some post-op scares, they have been doing well as the mother and grandmother post updates pretty regularly.

Mother wants to give back

As the CNN documentary gets closer to airing the mother of the twins has felt guilty about sharing the promotions for it as if she is selling out.

This is according to the grandmother who quotes her daughter's page frequently. Instead of asking for donations or anything like that she is going to share a GoFundMe page for every time that she shares a post about the CNN documentary. According to the grandmother, she wants to use the short time she has and her platform to boost someone else who needs help.

She has expressed love for the CNN special that will air on Friday but the she doesn't want to feel like she is selling out her twins by putting them on television. Even though the CNN documentary is all about the surgery and surrounding struggle she doesn't want to give the wrong idea about her boys or herself. According to the grandmother, she really wants to help other families in need.

Before and after the documentary airs look for the #Team McDonald and you can find the mother's posts and attempts to help other people. Maybe this is why the documentary is airing; giving others the chance to share their struggle.