The former adviser to the U.S. Department of National Security submitted more than 600 pages of documents to the Senate Intelligence Committee. In a statement provided by congressional staff, Michael Flynn contributed on Tuesday to a unique part of the board’s ongoing investigation concerning Russian’s interference with the presidential race last year. The colleague stated that the committee’s investigative specialists quickly began evaluating the data and determining how much Flynn played a role in the whole situation. According to Yahoo News, the assistant chose to remain anonymous while speaking of the investigation because the case is not only ongoing but a very delicate matter to the congressional board as well.

Warner confirms files, but none of the details

Mark Warner is a Senator from Virginia and the leading Democrat on the committee. He confirmed that his panel received the documents from Flynn. However, he refused to speak about the information contained within them or how many pages were in his possession.

Flynn presented the Records shortly after John Kelly demonstrated that Jared Kushner and his Russian correspondence also played a role in a probe that remains undisclosed and was initiated by a prominent counsel member within the Justice Department.

Flynn tried to resist the probe and subpoena

Before all of this began, Michael Flynn pleaded his Fifth Amendment right that protected him from self-incrimination.

He then proceeded to rebuke a prior subpoena sent to him from the Senate’s leading board of trustees. The intelligence committee limited the extent of that subpoena. Then, the panel issued extra ones for documents from two of his organizations afterward. Once Flynn knew they were coming for him in every direction imaginable, he started to cooperate.

Richard Burr stated during a media briefing on Tuesday the reasons why Flynn’s information was so valuable. The Republican Senator from North Carolina commented that he and his fellow chairman on the committee wanted Flynn’s records so much because they needed concrete proof explaining where he was at the time Russian meddling was taking place.

Burr mentioned that it’s also highly conceivable that Flynn may submit more files related to the investigation. He is cooperating with the Senate Intelligence Committee, and they are hoping that his cooperation will continue throughout the investigation.