Marissa Mayer left Yahoo! with a hefty sum of $23 million. Despite her failure to bring it back to its glory days’ performance, she has made major contributions to the company. Mayer stepped down from her post after the company was sold to AOL owner Verizon.

Marissa Mayer left Yahoo! with $23 million

Mayer is worth $540 million as of 2017. However, the bulk of her wealth did not solely come from Yahoo! but from Google where she worked as an engineer. But $23 million is a huge addition to her burgeoning Net Worth.

Verizon purchased the company for $4.48 billion after $350 million was deducted from the price due to security breaches.

The acquisition cost paid by Verizon is largely lower than what the company makes during its peak in operation.

The new owner is now planning to integrate the company with AOL, its new acquisition two years ago. The newly merged companies will be known as Oath, which will focus on online services, software, advertising, and digital media. Tim Armstrong, former CEO of AOL will head the new company. He will now oversee Verizon owned sites like Engadget, Huffington Post, and TechCrunch.

Mayer wrote a letter to say goodbye to the employees who have worked hand in hand with her during her leadership reports Business Insider. She said that it was a great honor and privilege being Yahoo’s CEO for five years.

She included her subordinates as part of the team that has worked to rebuild, reinvent, strengthen, and modernize the company and its products. She took pride in reaching over 1 billion users per month and the satisfactory stock performance for the company.

Yahoo! former CEO Marissa Mayer has huge contributions to the company

Marissa Mayer took the reins of the tech company as CEO in 2012. However, the changes she implemented in the company did not help it financially. The web traffic and ad revenues were not enough to make the company afloat. Although Mayer effectively discharged her duties and was able to make its stock perform well, she failed to make the company viable on its own.

She was given an ample package worth $23 million upon her turnover of the reins of the company to the new CEO.

TechCrunch reported about the sale and eventual severance of business ties between Marissa Mayer and Yahoo! It has also mentioned in its report that the sale of Yahoo is one manifestation of the countless mergers that has been continuously happening online. Companies are targeting to be able to compete with social media giant Facebook and other online companies.