Donald Trump’s verbal war with London Mayor took another twist Monday, with both men making disparaging remarks even as the city continues to mourn the victims of last Saturday’s terror attack.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan repeated his call to put off the planned visit to the United Kingdom by President Trump; he made the call while granting an interview to Channel 4 News.

Calls for cancellation of Trump's visit

“I don’t think there is any need to spread the red carpet for the USA President in relations to his policies and views that are against everything we believe in,” Khan said.

“Where there is a special relationship there is no difference from having a close friend. You stand firm with them in moments of grief and adversity, but you advise them when they go wrong. And there are lots of things about which President Trump has gone wrong.”

He said he has not shifted ground on the planned state visit of the President.

Early this year, Khan said Trump’s state visit to the UK be canceled following the move by the US President to enforce a travel ban on Muslims from seven nations – an act that he tagged cruel and disgraceful.

The UK politician quickly dismissed two tweets by Trump in the aftermath of the terror attack, which misunderstood a comment from Khan.

Khan's controversial statement

Immediately after the Attack, Khan said there was no cause for alarm, making reference to a massive deployment of policemen on the streets of London.

President Trump Incorrectly interpreted the statement on Sunday when he quickly responded by tweeting “At least seven dead and about 48 wounded in terrorist attack and the London Mayor is saying there is no cause for alarm.”

The criticism of Khan by President Trump continued on Monday, after attacking him for the manner he handled the weekend’s terrorist attack.

Khan said at a vigil held in honor of the victims near the Tower Bridge that as he tackles the effects from the London Bridge attack, he has not got enough time to react to President Trump’s tweets.

British Prime Minister defends Khan

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Theresa May has defended Khan, saying he was doing a great job and that they were working hand in hand in the aftermath of the weekend attack which claimed seven lives and injured about 48 people.

“I think Sadiq Khan is doing a perfect job and it’s unfair to say the contrary – he’s doing a nice job,” Theresa May told reporters after delivering an election campaign speech.