Kevin Mallory, 60, was an Army veteran and Special Agent for Diplomatic Service has been charged with selling top secret documents to China. Mallory who had top secret security clearance has been accused of risking national security by selling top-secret documents to China and lying to the FBI. If found guilty of the charges Mallory could receive the death penalty.


In a criminal complaint filed on June 21, 2017, by FBI Special Agent Stephen Green. Agent Green believes that Kevin Mallory had intentionally tried to hurt the United States.

Mallory traveled to China twice during April and May 2017.

When returning from his last trip and going through customs. Mallory had to fill out forms at Chicago O'hare International Airport. One of the questions asked was if he had over $10,000 with him, Mallory checked no. As custom agents searched his carry- on bags they discovered that he had failed to declare $16,500 in cash. Homeland Security and U.S Customs alerted the FBI.

The FBI conducted an interview with Mallory shortly after the incident. Mallory told FBI agents that he had traveled to Shanghai on a business trip. That he met a man that a recruiter told him about. Mallory also told agents that he thought he met with Chinese Intelligence agent.

Agents conducted a search Of Mallory they discovered evidence of a device that showed communications between Mallory and a Chinese agent selling documents.

He told agents that he had received $35,000 for two documents and he was supposed to hand over a third. He was to sell eight top secret documents to Chinese agents in all. He had also been asked to seek employment in high ranking government positions in the United States.

Mallory had visited SASS, a think tank in Shanghai, where he met Chinese Intelligence agents.

SASS is one of the oldest institutions in China and is used for social sciences and humanities. Chinese Intelligence agents used SASS to hold secret meetings there.


The United States has had a long history with China.

The U.S has accused China of stealing trade secrets, military, technology, and nuclear information. It is believed that recruiters are to find people to steal and obtain secret documents.

The U.S House of Representatives in 1999, filed the Cox Report. The report claimed that China was stealing information from the U.S. Information about the U.S thermonuclear warheads, all ballistic missiles, the Trident, peacekeeper, and Minuteman were in the hands if the Chinese government.

It is also believed, the Chinese government also killed at least 20 CIA agents between 2010- 2012. Some Investigators believe they had been a "mole" inside the agency working for China which that caused the intelligence breach.

Other Investigators believed it was caused by sloppy CIA agents.

The United States government has sentenced 13 people to prison for spying on behalf of China. Mallory makes the 14th person charged with spying against the U.S. Mallory who currently resides in Virginia is a self-employment consultant and speaks fluent Chinese. He is being held until his next court appearance.