Film starlet Jennifer Garner could conceivably be proceeding onward from the sparks that ignited between her and her former husband, Ben Affleck. This fact is true. However, one thing is also for certain. Jennifer didn’t discuss anything regarding her recent divorce filing to People magazine.

The "Daredevil" performing artist delivered an announcement via Facebook after a deceptive cover on People’s most recent issue implied that she had taken an interest in a photo shoot and meeting with the iconic magazine. This week’s current issue incorporates Garner on its front cover, followed by an eye-catching headline that insinuated she's in their publication talking about her life while battling a recent heartbreak.

Garner and the photo mystery

The photograph in question isn’t one taken by the paparazzi. Analysts view the controversial image as if someone captured it while witnessing Garner sitting down. The enticing message strategically placed just underneath her grinning face details that since she divorced Ben Affleck, her life proceeds onward. The statement also declared that she is finally discovering satisfaction, and starting her life anew at the remarkable age of 45.

The "Pearl Harbor" actress exposed People’s deceit five hours after the global media outlet unleashed the front cover and its story to the web.

Jen's outlook on Facebook

Within the post on Facebook, Garner stated that the public conveyed to her that she was on the cover of People Magazine.

The movie star looked into it and discovered that the article affiliated with it radiated the impression that the whole thing originated from her. Garner says People fabricated the story and she received phone calls and messages from friends and family who assumed she was hiding that she was pregnant by Affleck with twins.

She noted that the everything said in that article was so over the top that none of it is by any means self-evident to her.

Garner's response to the whole fiasco also mentioned that the situation isn’t a catastrophe in her life. However, she did say that it left an impact on her family as well as herself. In her announcement, she explicitly stated that not once did she ever pose for that cover on People magazine.

She told the world that she didn’t take an interest in the article or approve it for publishing either. She closed her remarks by squashing all pregnancy rumors and just stated that she already has three children, and they make her family complete.

It is without a doubt this was a misleading spread from the magazine. The global publication also neglected to check with Garner about the quotes released in the article about her.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck officially divorced in April after their two-year split. Even though it’s not a sentimental memory, at least it’s something both Garner, and People magazine know to be true.