Philippine forces are desperately fighting ISIS forces that have taken over Marawi city in the southern island of Mindanao. The terrorists attacked the city on May 24, and is still well in control of the area despite attacks made by government forces. U.S. forces have been requested to provide assistance to end the terrorist attack.

Intelligence reveal ISIS plans on creating an Asian Caliphate in the Philippines

Hundreds of ISIS militants have suddenly taken over Marawi city to build a new base of operations in Asia. There are reports that foreign terrorist fighters have joined the local Maute Islamist group in fighting government forces besieging the city.

Though the city is effectively surrounded by Filipino troops, due to the archipelagic nature of the Philippines, terrorists can easily enter through its vast network of islands and start all over again.

The Philippine navy is incapable of patrolling the entirety of the coastal areas of the country, thus the threat of ISIS fighters coming from countries like Indonesia is a major concern. The Philippine President will have talks with the Indonesian government to address the infiltration of ISIS that is reportedly coming from the some of the Islands off Borneo and in the Celebes sea.

What is the status of the fight against the ISIS infiltrators?

According to latest report provided by the Philippine government, there were 60 marines killed and 200 wounded.

The ISIS fighters suffered 191 casualties, confiscation of 154 high-powered weapons and thousands of ammunition. The fighting is proceeding very slowly as there are an estimated 2,000 civilians trapped in the crossfire. The Philippine army had taken a policy to limit at all costs civilian deaths.

The United States was requested to provide support for the besieging Philippine army.

U.S. P3 Orion surveillance planes are now being used to survey the area and provide detailed images on terrorists positions in the city. U.S. forces are limited to advisory and training roles and providing equipment for the marines while the Philippine army will charge into the city to flush out entrenched terrorists.

It is not revealed what kind of equipment was given to Filipino troops.

As of the moment, ISIS soldiers have been pushed into four pockets in the city and are now surrounded. it is a matter of time, according to the Philippine Military that they will be able to clear the entire city.