Harry Styles fans are jubilant nowadays after his split with Tess Ward. They were upset when the One Direction member dated the “The Naked Diet” author. In fact, they pestered the chef with hate messages that led her to delete some of her social media accounts.

Harry Styles single again

Styles, 23, and the 27-year-old food blogger met through a mutual friend. Ward has to dump her boyfriend to date the “Sign of the Times” hit maker. However, both are frequent travelers and equally busy, they seldom met. Lately, they were reportedly unable to see each other.

But Ward got the chance to meet her ex in London, and they became inseparable after it. She realized that she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend according to Mirror.

Tess Ward was spotted recently having a good time at a polo game in Ham Polo Club. The Cordon Bleu-trained chef was in good spirits and enjoying the games with her pals Olivia Grant, Rosie Fortescue and socialite Hum Fleming.

Harry Styles experienced a double loss recently. He lost Ward after a whirlwind romance and his stepdad who died of cancer at the age of 57. Robin Twist and his mother got married in 2013, and the ID member acted as the best man. According to Daily Mail, Twist and the singer had a deep relationship with father and son.

One Direction members condoled with Harry Styles and honored his stepdad

The singer’s fellow band members who are planning to reunite paid tribute to Styles stepfather. Liam Payne turned to social media to honor him saying that he was a kind, gentle, and beautiful and soul and has a rare character. The father of one also said that those who are important in life are the ones taken so soon.

Niall Horan shared a photo of his friend’s mother and her deceased husband with a caption mentioning that he is a generous, nicest, kindest, and funny guy. Louis Tomlinson also found Twist funny and kind.

Harry Styles’ recently-released single was a big hit. It reached the number one spot on the UK Singles Chart with 62,900 units.

In its first-week download sales reached 39,000 and 3.5 million streams. The blows in Kendall Jenner’s BFF were not too painful because of the success of his debut single which was included on his self-titled album.

Despite its success, his relationship with Ward ended. But on the positive side, it is better that Tess Ward ended the relationship as she still has that lingering feeling of love to her ex. Harry Styles would not want a two-timer for a girlfriend.