According to James Comey’s close confidants, the Ex Fbi Director’s testimony will contradict the president’s interpretation of their discussions. trump has reiterated that the ex-director made it clear to him that he was not being investigated. But sources say the former FBI chief is set to tell the panel that Trump misinterpreted his statements. Another source says Trump may have misconstrued the ex-chief's statements especially concerning the current investigations.

Content of Comey's sack letter

In James' sack letter, Trump cited the Russian investigation and inferred sarcastically that he was not pleased with the ex-chief for not informing him that he was under investigation.

Details of the timing of those discussions are yet to be disclosed by the White House.

A source with knowledge of the investigation said that Ex FBI boss is not going to say whether or not the president obstructed justice in the Russia investigation. Instead James intends to divulge the content of his discussions with the president to the panel and allow them to do the analysis.

Other sources say, Comey is likely to dodge questions that have to do with his personal opinion of Trump’s comments, such as whether the heat was too much for him. Comey believes his personal opinions about the president’s statements do not count, the source stated, and that the main subject matter was his testimony.

He said the basis for considering possible interference with the law is the president’s intentions and not Comey’s opinion.

Comey set to address key issues

A source said that Comey will address other important issues such as the allegations that he was compelled to pledge solidarity to the president just after assumption of office and whether the president ordered him to abort the probe into Ex National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on alleged involvement in Russia election scandal.The former FBI chief reported those scenarios as alleged obstruction of justice.According to a memo taken in an oval office meeting, Trump told him that he wished he could let this one slide.

The panel has ordered the former FBI chief to present the memo, but it is unclear if he intends to hand the document over to the congress or read it verbally.

According to CNN’s last week reports, Comey thought Trump was aware of the protocols involved in discussing with a Federal Intelligence Agent. According to sources, James believed that the president could have undergone some training in that regards.