china plainly demanded the U.S. to halt Military Exercises with South Korea. The demand is part of the proposed Nuclear deal with North Korea, which China believes is the only way to halt the belligerence of the rogue state.

What is included in this North Korean nuclear deal?

China spearheaded the "dual suspension" deal, which involved the cancellation of the U.S. - South Korean military exercises and North Korean nuclear program. This is the solution put forward by China in an attempt to rein in its regional ally into the diplomatic table. This is one of the major steps made by China to help in de-escalating the tension that had arisen after Trump opted to face Pyongyang head on with its threats.

However, China seemed to have vested interests underneath the said deal, as Beijing is eying to have influence over the entire Asian region. China is building a major program that plans on connecting the entire Eurasian continent in a massive trade system. The project, if successful, will massively boost China's economy and may easily surpass the economy of the United States. However, with U.S. presence still exerting influence in Asia, China's plan of being the dominant power among Asian nations will not come to fruition easily.

What is the reaction of the United States with China's proposed deal?

The U.S. Military plainly rejected China's proposed "dual suspension" deal with the North. Washington argues that the said deal was done before with negligible effects.

That despite the United States toning down its presence in South Korea, Pyongyang didn't slow down its nuclear programs. China formally proposed the deal early Wednesday in Washington, which was quickly rejected by the Pentagon.

However, the United States is in a difficult situation especially after the death of Otto Warmbier, a student detained in North Korea and was recently sent home brain damaged and died shortly after.

U.S. citizens are in an uproar due to this event and having a deal with North Korea at this point will be highly unpopular.

As of the moment, the United States is still scheduled to conduct military exercises with South Korea. U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that China did what they can and that it is a shame that they haven't done much to ease the tension in Korea. It can be remembered that Trump was willing to conduct preemptive strikes on North Korea in order to halt its nuclear ambition once and for all.