China conducted military drills with the Middle East with Iran early on Sunday. The move was a blatant show of antagonism to U.S. policy against Tehran. Russia, on the other hand, approved the joint drills and supported the actions of Iran and China

The creation of the China-Iran-Russia axis

The joint military drills happened in the Indian Ocean. Iranian and Chinese warships set sail from Oman to conduct military drills off the Gulf of Hormuz in the Indian Ocean. According to the IRNA, Iran's news agency, the Chinese fleet was composed of guided-missile destroyers, a frigate and a helicopter of the Chinese Navy Task Force Group 150.

Iran's fledgling navy composed of a destroyer and helicopter joined the drills aimed at fighting pirates in the area.

The Straits of Hormuz and the Indian Ocean is famous for Somali pirates that have terrorized the area for years. However, for many observers from around the world, these drills show the growing friendship between the two countries, both of which are against U.S. dominance.

Slowly the political landscape is shaping and the three major antagonists to U.S. policy emerged. These three are China, Iran, and Russia, countries that are slowly becoming fully capable of contesting the military dominance of the United States.

What is the reaction of the United States?

The United States had taken steps to limit the expansion of China and Iran's influence.

In Asia, the American Navy has complete dominance of the seas. Freedom of Navigation operations are conducted at a regular pace, enforcing the United Nations laws of the seas in all international waters currently claimed by China, which includes the entire South China Sea.

In the Middle East, U.S. President Donald Trump created an Arab coalition that will focus on destroying terrorists and countering Iranian influence and power in the region.

Because of this coalition, Iranian power is constantly checked by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, countries with opposite fundamental Islamic ideologies from Iran. The United States has created an effective noose around both Iran and China, however, the only chink in American anti-Iran and China policy is Russia.

At the moment, there are no effective measures conducted by the United States to halt the growth of Russian influence.

Most countries who are going against America automatically sought Russian support. This happened with the Philippines, which after ditching a century-old affinity with the United States, clung to Russia for support and aid, which Moscow gladly provided.