Sergey Gnatovskiy, 45, of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn told the New York Post that he was furious when he found his son’s heroin stash in their home. He told his heroin addict son that if he is not going to stop using the opioid, he will do the same.

Gnatovskiy had tried sending his 23-year-old son Maykl to rehab and he had promised he would go, but then his father finds another stash of heroin. That was the breaking point for the father, who then overdosed on some of that stash.

Son scared back to rehab after father overdoses on heroin

However, his extreme methods may have finally done the trick.

Maykl told the Post that he was so scared when he found his father passed out on the living room floor on Wednesday, he has gone straight back to rehab. The heroin addict said he has been doing heroin since the age of 15 and now he’s 23 he realizes he cannot continue doing this.

According to Maykl, when he found his father passed out in the living room he recognized right away that he was overdosing on heroin. He then used a combination of CPR and Narcan nasal spray to save his dad’s life, a method his father has had to use on him four times in the past.

As noted by Yahoo News, Gnatovskiy felt pretty much back to normal the following day and cannot recall much of his heroin overdose ordeal.

He does remember turning off the TV and then the next moment he was waking up with paramedics surrounding him. He said Maykl was screaming at him, saying he was crazy and that he had almost died.

It turns out the boy’s mother had kicked him out of her home over his teenage heroin addiction, but the father had been trying to help his son ever since.

However, both of them are now in danger of eviction from their apartment complex because of a fight with his son's ex. Now Gnatovskiy wants to make sure his son leaves the apartment and heads straight to rehab. After he was notified of the eviction he was told to prove Maykl was gone by May 31.

Father would give up everything to keep his heroin-addicted son alive

Gnatovskiy is originally from the Ukraine and says he would lose everything if it kept his son Maykl alive. He asked his son to look at what he made him do, saying he would give him his home, his car, and his heart, but he doesn’t want to lose him.

Growing opioid crisis

The opioid crisis in that area is growing according to the Post, immigrants from the Ukraine have been particularly affected by the heroin epidemic. However, as reported by Blasting News, two drug addiction counselors in Pennsylvania recently died of an overdose of a combination of heroin and fentanyl. In Ohio, a five-year-old boy ran two blocks in the dark to save his parents, after they overdosed on heroin. Also in Ohio, a police officer suffered a fentanyl overdose after patting down a drug dealer.