Angela Merkel will be "more determined than ever" to fight against climate issues. "This decision can not and will not stop those among us who think we have a duty to guard the planet," the German Chancellor said in a statement to the media in Berlin.

Disappointing decision

"In Germany and in Europe we will join forces to respond to the climate challenges that we face, "added Merkel. The Chancellor, as before, was critical of US President Donald Trump's decision, for which she said is "very disappointing". "And I am very reluctant to say that," she added, speaking in an unusually sharp tone.

The Chancellor recalled that she called French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday evening to discuss new initiatives to implement the Paris Accords. Those initiatives are to be discussed at the UN COP23 Annual Climate Conference, which is being held in Bonn, Germany, in November. "This agreement is necessary for the conservation of the planet, and we will fulfill our commitments, especially in the form of financial assistance to the poorer and more vulnerable countries," she said. "I am fully confident that the agreement is for the benefit of all," Merkel also said. "The road is tough, but there is no return," she warned.

German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks was even more direct about Trump.

The US president will be in office for "eight years at most" and the world climate will, in any case, outlive him, she told reporters on Friday.

Joint statement

Germany, France, and Italy have issued a joint statement rejecting US President Donald Trump's request to renegotiate the Paris Climate Agreement. "The Paris Accord remains the cornerstone of our countries' co-operation for effective and timely prevention of climate change and the implementation of the Agenda 2030's goals for sustainable development," the three countries said in their statement.

"We consider the momentum created in December 2015 to be irreversible in Paris and we firmly believe that we can not negotiate again on the Paris Accord," the three countries said. Germany, France, and Italy have said they are convinced that the application of the Paris Accord provides substantial economic growth opportunities in their countries and on a global scale.

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron said in a statement that their countries committed to the implementation of the agreement and called on all partners to accelerate their efforts to combat climate change. They deny the possibility of new negotiations regarding Climate Agreement.