The reports of what has been described as a politically motivated shooting against Republican lawmakers on Wednesday put America's political divisions into the media spotlight again with many on social media saying that Republicans faced a crime they had "instigated" in the Trump era.

One of the incidents that was brought up was the attack on a Guardian reporter by a Member-elect Rep. Greg Gianforte, a Republican from Montana who body-slammed and punched Ben Jacobs when he was asked a question about the Republican health care bill.

Gianforte's attack on 'Liberal' reporter

As Blasting News reported, Gianforte's actions took place on the eve of his election when he was being elected for a seat that belonged to Tom Price and was being challenged by a Democrat. Gianforte would end up winning the election, and on election night he took to the stage and apologized for his actions.

An indictment was quickly summed up by the local sheriff's department as misdemeanor assault but rather than serve any jail time, Gianforte would instead be sentenced to 40 hours of community service and 20 hours of anger management.

Blasting News also reported on the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia where many congressional Republicans had gathered for their annual charity baseball league event which the article pointed to the "Trump effect" as having everything to do with the shooting.

During Donald Trump's campaign last year, he was accused of inciting violence by suggesting that people use their second amendment rights on rival candidate Hillary Clinton, which everyone interpreted as Trump suggesting assassination.

Response to shooting

Trump would later defend his statement by saying that he meant that people would rather fight the candidate using their second amendment rights through Congress or that those were the people who were under attack.

The immediate reaction from Trump supporters did not suggest that he was referring them to work through the system, but rather to use violence. Due to the stigma associated with condoning violence, Trump supporters and surrogates deny that this was the case. The Alexandria shooter reportedly asked a lawmaker who was leaving the baseball event before it started whether the team playing there were Democrats or Republicans.

It was also reported that the shooter was a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter. Sen. Sanders (I-VT) responded to the incident saying that he was disgusted by the man's actions. As for Gianforte, on the night of his first apology, one of his supporters was quick to say to the newly elected representative that they forgave him for attacking the reporter with many siding with his actions.

Trump has called for attacks on members of the press and even the opposition which supporters have taken as "open season" on President Trump's opponents. During his second apology in court, Gianforte looked at the reporter and apologized to him directly.