As Blasting News reported, congressional republicans met up with President Trump at the beginning of the week in order to fend off the perception that they were stalling Trump's agenda. Over the past few weeks, scandals, rejections of his agenda through Congress and the stalling of the President's travel ban, many have correctly assumed that despite the regular process of bills being legislated on the hill every day, President Trump's were not getting much support.

Republicans make excuses for AHCA

Without there being much evidence that Republicans were able to legislate over things such as their American Health Care Act (AHCA), Republicans continued to argue that their bill would help millions of people.

When they haven't said that, they have said that they were going to improve their bill or that all of the negative reporting on it was just fake news. It should be noted that the passing of the AHCA through the House had passed without it being scored by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) which when it finally was, the score showed that the bill would still be disastrous to millions of Americans.

Even with this, Republicans continued to work behind closed doors in secret and avoided reporters, allowing other issues such as the investigation on Trump to take the lead for the time being. Some of these events have been large enough -- often considered "bombshells" by the press -- for Republicans to continue to work in the dark.

They also appear to remain positive when talking about their bill, as they've come out to say its development was coming along and that they would get a vote on it soon.

Republican build Trump wall of support

In other cases, they've also said that they're looking forward to moving onto tax reform as President Trump would prefer, despite the fact that tax reform has been considered a Herculean task by many administrations over the past several decades.

Much of these facts plague their narrative and show a much bigger picture that Republicans are simply not able to get out from under, that their efforts are not translating well against strong fact-based debate.

Even in regards to the Comey hearing and the ongoing investigation on Trump by special prosecutor Robert Mueller, Republicans are still providing some cover to suggest that Trump had not ordered the former FBI director to stop his investigation -- as suggested by Idaho Republican Jim Risch.They have also started to support the subpoenas sent to the intelligence and the justice communities in order to also provide some support for Trump, as Blasting News also reported. So it would appear that from various angles, Republicans are either attempting to put his agenda in a positive light and trying to fend off legal attacks on his behalf.