Gerry Martin, an African-American was fatally shot dead at a Traffic Stop in Minnesota after admitting that he was in possession of a licensed gun. This has contributed to the worries expressed by African-American gun owners about the bias treatment they receive from the Society and Police.

They say, acknowledging you possess a weapon can trigger a violent response from the Police who in turn claim they feel vulnerable when faced with such encounters even if it is a legal weapon.

Police, threatened by black American gun owners

Martin, a resident of Glenside, Pennsylvania said, Once you admit that you are a “concealed carry holder” and try to show your license, the officer will immediately reach out to his weapon.

Thinking you want to shoot at him.

Another incident occurred in a St. Paul suburb on July 6 where Philano Castile was killed by an officer just after he acknowledged he had a gun on him. The Police officer, Jeronimo Yanez, who is Latino, was acquitted on Friday of manslaughter and two other charges.

Rep. Cedric Richmond, a Democrat and Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said the ruling gives African-Americans the impression that they can be shot by the Police without any repercussions. He said the verdict also implies that the Second Amendment does not apply to black people because Castil acknowledged having a concealed weapon in his car, and did not attempt to attack the officer with it.

Castile’s mother stated in an interview outside the courthouse that Yanez got away with murder. She said that her son was killed in front of his girlfriend and her four-year-old daughter.

Castile's mother condemns the verdict

Valerie Castile, the mother of the victim said she was not happy with the outcome of the case and that she was very disappointed in the court system in Minnesota.

Rick Ector, a licensed gun owner who resides in Detroit said, some Police officers can be stereotyped when dealing with black riffle owners. He said the officer may have acted based on his previous encounters with people carrying illegal weapons especially young black men.

Ector hinted that Police officers feel threatened when they encounter African-American black men with weapon even when they show a permit.

But it helps to send a message about your character he added.

According to Philip Smith, head of the National African American Gun Association, the Police needs to be warned that the Second Amendment Right is applicable to everyone in America including blacks.