Turkey has announced that it will intensify its training of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to counter the Kurdish forces, which are backed and supported by the U.S. The FSA main focus is to bring down the government of Bashar al-Assad, but they are also keen to stop the Kurdish forces who are back by the U.S. This came after Turkey's President Erdogan stated that he had lost patience over the continued meddling of the United States in the affairs in the Middle East, particularly in Syria.

According to Ekurdnet, the "Anadolu news agency reported that Turkish special forces are training larger Free Syrian Army groups in using weapons including mortars, rocket launchers, and machine guns, in terrain similar to where the fighters operate."

Turkey vowed that they will attack Kurdish troops on Syrian border if provoked

The Turkish military, along with Erdogan's government, publicly vowed to attack Kurds if provoked and any intensification of Kurdish forces, especially by the United States is regarded as a provocation. On August 24, 2016, Turkish forces and FSA militants attacked Kurdish forces in Syria in order to halt their spread in their attempt to carve out a Kurdish state. Now that the United States are giving arms to the Kurds, it is Turkey's fear that the Kurds will finally build a state of their own after defeating ISIS, which will entice other Kurds inside Turkey to join their cause.

This is why Turkish special forces are rigorously training the Free Syrian Army. It has been reported that the FSA is slowly being armed with mortars, rocket launchers, and machine guns to attack Kurdish forces when ordered.

A Turkish military official also said that they are creating a new FSA and that these soldiers will show their worth on future operations against Kurdish rebels.

The main source of the news came from the Anadolu news agency in Turkey, which broadcasts the apparent military support Turkey brings to the Free Syrian Army as it vows to fight the Kurds in a proxy war.

How will the United States react to Turkey's condemnation of the Pentagon's support of Kurdish forces in Syria?

The U.S. military special forces are preparing the Kurdish army numbering 60,000 fighters for the push into ISIS territory.

The Kurdish forces are planned to attack Raqqa early this summer as it starts a full-scale invasion of the terrorist held lands in Eastern Syria and Northern Iraq. The United States isn't swayed by the continued opposition of Turkey, even with constant threats of attack coming from Erdogan himself.

In order to contain the situation, President Trump is in Saudi Arabia in hopes of creating a pro-U.S. Arab alliance that will oppose the growing threat of Iran and the Turkish threat to U.S. backed Kurdish troops.

What will be the next plan for the United States once the Raqqa offensive goes underway?

Assad's precarious position in Syria is a subject of concern to both Russia and Iran, who are allied with the Syrian president.

The Assad's government is backed up into a corner after Syrian rebels are slowly gaining ground due to the proxy support of the U.S. With Trump's visit to the Middle East and his goal of unifying Arab nations against Iran, Assad's term as president of Syria may be numbered.

The United States had just bombed for the first time, pro-Assad troops en route to Kurdish bases, where U.S. special ops fighters are present. This shows that the American military can easily pound Assad's forces into submission even without the consent of congress and especially the United Nations.