Last week, the leader of America established a subdivision within the Veterans Department. It’s a bold move forward on behalf of Donald Trump to enhance the department's responsibilities and ensure adequate security for its informants. During his campaign, the Commander-in-Chief pledged to improve how the United States cares for its veterans. The Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection mentioned during a news briefing last Thursday that the nation won’t ever endure mediocrity when it comes to the well-being of those who served in the U.S. military.

VA Department Secretary David Shulkin said that the new office administration will help distinguish the obstacles in his division that make it troublesome to terminate or re-assign unethical representatives. Their goal is to assist in protecting VA informants from retaliation.

New office a resolution to rough history

This new initiative in government affairs formed after Trump signed an executive order extending a program formulated by the Veteran’s Department that enables veterans to still receive health care despite its faulty benefits structure. Three years ago, over 40 veterans passed away while waiting to be scheduled for their medical appointments at the VA medical office in Phoenix, Arizona.

Federal officials later discovered that the center’s administration tampered with meeting arrangements and participated in other scandals so that they could cover the situation up. As a result, Donald Trump joined forces with veteran activist groups and approached the Senate with the executive order demanding a greater focus on government accountability.

Executive order added to new laws

The U.S. Congress just recently approved a law making it less demanding for the VA to terminate, suspend, or downgrade its representatives for their inferior performance and unethical conduct. However, the Senate scrutinized the sanctions listed within the bill. Shulkin stated that Trump's idea to develop the department’s new office even before Congress sends him a bill acknowledges his sense of duty regarding his regulatory obligations to the VA.

The new division will likewise research reports surrounding VA retaliation policies and the department’s employees. Shulkin expressed that the national organization will prosecute all parties involved if they discover authorities retaliating against whistleblowers over their decision to file reports and grievances.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs does not plan to hire new employees to conduct operations in the new office. Instead, the agency will transfer its existing employees. Their department secretary didn’t mention how much it’s going to cost to form its new establishment. However, Shulkin did note that the whole situation requires a significant amount of government spending.