To keep away from the eyes of the police, The Social Club in Nashville, tennessee took out a permit to operate as a church but instead is a swingers’ Sex Club. However, the owners might need to start praying soon, because city officials are now aiming to shut the club down.

Authorities had an idea that things weren’t quite as they appeared to be at The Social Club, so two city inspectors gained undercover access to the premises on March 25. According to a complaint filed by Nashville officials on May 11, Bill Earles and Christine Gibson paid $40 to enter the premises, and once inside, were shocked at what they saw.

The Social Club certainly isn’t a church

The inspectors said they headed to 12 different rooms inside the premises, each with either a bed or a couch, where couples – and even groups – were engaged in sexual acts, while others looked on. One couple even asked the inspectors to take a photograph of the pair as they indulged in oral sex. The report on the visit contained several graphic details of various other sexual acts performed in the club.

As noted by the New York Post, the club is owned by Freedom 4 All, Inc., and the city is saying it must be shut down due to the lewd activity on the premises as well as the fact under city laws, no club can be located within 1,000 feet of a school.

Sex club caught out by crowds and blatant advertising

As noted by News Channel 5, Bill Herbert, the Metro Zoning Administrator, said he was shocked by what the investigators’ report revealed. He said maybe he’s naïve, but he didn’t expect the sexual act details to be quite as graphic as they were. The premises were only recently brought to the city’s attention, after activity late in the evening increased around the building and The Social Club posted blatant advertisements for its “Naughty Nights,” reportedly held twice every month.

The Social Club had reportedly previously occupied a different location in Nashville and was always known to be a swinger’s sex club. When the owners said they were moving the club to their current address, residents in the area were outraged. However, the owners stressed that they were opening the club as a church saying there would be no sexual activity in the premises.

Meanwhile, since the sex club scandal has erupted, a lawyer acting for the club has said he hasn’t yet had the time to read through the full complaint but continues to insist that the club is a registered church and not a swinger’s club.