U.S President Donald Trump is confronted with new challenges over his aides’ alleged relationship with Russia as he concluded his first foreign tour on Saturday, an exhausting five-nation trip with the prospect of an imminent resolution on the highly discussed Paris climate pact.

President Trump stated in a tweet that he will take a decisive step next week on whether to discontinue from the agreement. European leaders have been mounting pressure on Trump to stick with the pact during the meeting they held over the week, adding that America’s role on climate is important.

Secret communication link between Jared Kushner and Moscow

On his return to Washington, Trump was greeted with new controversies over his team’s relationship with Russia. According to reports, the son-in-law to President Trump and senior official Jared Kushner was said to have spoken with Russia’s ambassador to the United States on how to establish a secret means of communication with Moscow.

Trump is yet to brief the media on the Russia controversy since he began his nine-day trip. Some of his senior economic and national security aids refused to respond to questions during a press conference held on Saturday.

The White House aimed at utilizing the nine-days-trip as a moment to reorganize. The U.S.

President was heartily welcomed on his first visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel, though he was under intense pressure in his European tour, especially on the Paris agreement.

The G-7 Summit

Trump was under criticism for three days- firstly, during his meeting with NATO in Brussels, the EU and the G-7 meeting in Sicily, but will be leaving Italy without making a decisive stand.

At the roundup of the G-7 meeting on Saturday, the other six member nations – France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Japan and Britain reconfirmed their position to the accord. The summits resolution stated that the Trump administration will require more time to decide whether or not to remain committed to the 2015 Paris pact.

Withdrawing from the climate agreement has been a cardinal point of Trump’s election campaign and officials have been considering if they can adjust the content of the deal without withdrawing from it entirely.

Other nations of the G-7 are totally against the U.S. withdrawing from the climate pact. German Chancellor Angela Markel said that they are making a strong argument on the deal.

At the end the presidential foreign trip, Trump will be returning home to face the series of challenges awaiting him.