The Pentagon has been working recently to draft a proposal stating the need for sending 5,000 US troops into afghanistan. This is to finally secure the area and rid ISIS contingents that have nestled along its Northern Pakistan border.

What is the Pentagon's overall aim of such a plan?

The main goal of the US army, especially under trump is the complete eradication of ISIS terror cells in the Middle East. It has been widely known by US intelligence that ISIS fighters have indeed settled in the mountainous area in North Afghanistan. It is suspected that extremists can easily cross the border from Pakistan and are working hand-in-hand with the deposed Taliban fighters.

The Pentagon wants to increase the strength of US forces in Afghanistan to once and for all destroy the remaining Taliban soldiers in the country.

What is President Trump's reaction to the Pentagon's proposal?

As of the moment, Trump has yet to approve the plan but with the type of rhetoric the controversial president voices publicly, a redeployment of additional troops in Afghanistan is very likely. Trump always stated the importance of the destruction of "Muslim jihadist and extremists," in his campaigns and now is the time for him to do what he had promised.

The Pentagon plans on working again with the current Afghan government and help them secure the region that is under Taliban control. Earlier last month, a cave complex in Northern Afghanistan was bombed by MOAB, which somehow rattled Taliban forces in the area.

However, bombing alone will not end the threat these extremists pose in the area.

How will this affect the growing tensions between China and Russia?

Russia doesn't want any increase of US presence in the Middle East. The problem in Syria and Turkey are among the possible flash points that could trigger a major war between the super powers.

A United States that is actively deploying its military in areas in the Middle East and Afghanistan is the least thing Russia wants.

China, on the other hand, continues to increase its strength to cope up with the military advancement of its immediate neighbors, namely South Korea and Japan. It can be agreed upon that Chinese military capabilities is somewhat lacking because of the military's warfare inexperience.

That is why, US presence in the Afghanistan will cause a major concern to China as well.

It the end, it is still not sure how Trump will respond to the Pentagon's plan but it is no doubt one of the major decisions the president will make after his 100th day in office.