United States naval commander in the Pacific, Admiral Harry Harris told reporters in a visit to Japan that North Korea's latest ballistic tests will be problematic. He added that they will be so problematic that they will even threaten china and Russia, their supposed "allies."

How is China and Russia affected by North Korea's continued ballistic tests?

Admiral Harris said that North Korea's problem needs to be taken with a sense of urgency, especially given the rate of progress shown. After just three failed attempts, North Korea managed to successfully launch a missile that landed a few miles off the coast of Vladivostok.

This continued belligerence will be problematic for China as it tries to woo countries to join its "Belt and Road" initiative. Countries are flocking to China for its promised "prosperity" through the massive project of connecting Eurasia in a continent-wide trade transportation system.

North Korea's militaristic stance may hamper the smooth flow of China's project, especially as it teeters with nuclearization making countries weary. President Xi Jinping has communicated to Pyongyang that China does not condone North Korea becoming a nuclear power. However, China's warning fell on deaf ears as Pyongyang completely ignored its warning.

How will the US respond to the new ballistic missile test?

North Korea claimed that the missile they've successfully launched is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

Admiral Harris said that these threats must be treated seriously and warned Congress that half-measure responses to North Korea's ballistic programs is the wrong move. The sense of urgency must be felt by Congress to put finality to Pyongyang's serious threats.

However, the Admiral's call for action is dampened by South Korea's new president Moon Jae-in, who supports a more diplomatic approach to North Korea's antagonism.

He is among the major proponents of opening bilateral talks with the rogue nation and achieve a settlement that will unify the two Koreas. Though the new president's proposal may end the Korean crisis, its conclusion may be a resolution the United States doesn't want.

If North and South Korea are united under the auspices of China, then America's influence in Asia will be drastically limited. This will result in the massive evacuation of US troops in Korea leaving Taiwan to the merciful patience of its giant neighbor.