Officials who were apparently present during an intelligence briefing, according to the Washington Post, claim that during the first few days of December last year, jared kushner said that he wanted to establish a secret communications channel with the Russians using locations such as a Russian embassy. The suggestion was made to Russia's Ambassador to Washington Sergei Kislyak, who was reportedly taken aback by the request.

Transition team makes contact

In late December, it was reported that President Obama ordered more sanctions on Russian officials which resulted in a deadline for Russian diplomats who were living in the U.S.

to leave the country.

Kremlin was reportedly livid about the enforcement which was immediate but then it was later reported that Gen Michael Flynn who was set to become a national security advisor for the Trump transition team also spoke with Russian officials on the phone on the same day, telling them to be patient and that they would be able to move forward after President Trump's inauguration. It was this call that made Flynn a target by the Department of Justice's acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who she warned the White House about by January.

Another 'secret' channel

Over the last week, it's been reported that the ongoing investigation on the Trump campaign's possible collusion with Russia over their interference on the Presidential Election had taken a new turn by focusing on a Person Of Interest in the White House.

This week it was learned that this person was Jared Kushner who reportedly said that they would cooperate with the investigation. Gen. Flynn was eventually forced to resign 25 days into his new role at the White House. Before that person of interest alluded to, the DOJ's deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein named a special prosecutor in former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The change of events which triggered his assignment was due to the firing of his successor James Comey by the Trump administration. Blasting News reported on a recent event where Kushner's sister was giving a presentation in Beijing, China to offer Chinese investors special visas if they invested in a New Jersey property by Kushner's real estate company.

In this report, it was pointed out how Kushner has established a channel to China which locked out others who might have issues that need to be made to the Chinese. It's in this case that with Kushner having a direct channel to government officials, he would be more influential with the Trump administration's agenda.