All the fuss is about meetings that Jared Kushner had during December 2016 when he met with Russia’s ambassador Sergey Kislyak and earlier the same year with Sergey Gorkov (Moscow Banker). After all, Gorkov is known for being trained by the FSB (Federal Security Service) in Russia.

It does not mean that Jared is a subject in the Russian investigation, or that he has necessarily done anything wrong as such. Donald Trump denied that he and his campaign is any way involved in such dealings. You can be sure the Media would create a buzz around Mr. Trump’s son-in-law.

What is the Media's take on the recent FBI investigation?

The Washington Post stated recently that a White House senior adviser who is closely connected to the president is a significant Person Of Interest concerning the current law enforcement investigation into possible ties between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia. In his opinion, jared kushner cannot be classed as a suspect. There is simply no legal connotation.

Officials stated that Mr. Kushner falls under a different bracket altogether compared to former Trump aides Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort, who are considered to be part of the investigation on another occasion.

In a strange way, it is unclear what exactly drew the FBI’s attention to Kushner and his recent activities.

All we know at this stage is they are busy investigating if any of Trump’s associates coordinated with Russia in an attempt to interfere in the election. Apparently, former FBI Director Robert Mueller is in charge of the probe.

According to Jamie Gorelick as Mr. Kushner’s attorney, his client volunteered on another occasion to share what he knew with Congress about these meetings.

What is more, he will not hesitate to do the same should he be contacted about any other inquiry.

Now who is right and who is wrong? Did Jared Kushner get involved in any questionable activities? That remains to be seen what the outcome of all this will be. What we do know from personal experience is that Mr. Trump is not going to take a backseat and allow such allegations to have an effect on his good name and that of his family.

Therefore, it is clear why President Trump requested top intelligence officials to defend his administration against the claims made that they collaborated with Russia.

To make matter worse, Russia is continuing to plague the Trump administration. Where is it all going to end?