In a fresh development, that would send shock waves across the US intelligence community and the White House, reports have surfaced that US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and key adviser jared kushner had been hand in glove with Russia's ambassador in Washington. Kushner spoke to Kislyak about the possibility of setting up a secret hotline with the Kremlin prior to President Trump's inauguration.

Extremely damaging revelations

As reported in several sections of the US media yesterday, Jared Kushner was going to be investigated for his links to Russian bankers and the meetings he had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

The esteemed Washington Post has now unearthed some more disturbing details about the true nature of the relationship between Kushner and Kislyak.

US officials who are aware of the developments in this investigation have revealed that the President's son-in-law asked Kislyak to speak to the Kremlin so that a secure communication channel could be set up with the Russians. During those meetings, that took place in first week of December, Kushner wanted to use Russian diplomatic premises for all discussions with the Russians prior to the inauguration.

It is believed that the reason behind using Russian diplomatic facilities was to ensure that no communication that took place prior to the inauguration could be intercepted by US intelligence agencies.

However, the US officials were actually able to get hold of the communications between Kislyak and his bosses, which revealed that he had taken Kushner's proposals to Kremlin.

Flynn attended the meetings too

The report also stated that Michael Flynn, the President's former National Security adviser who quit following revelations about his links to Russia, was also present at the meetings.

The Russian connections in the Presidential elections is something that the President has simply not been able to shrug off despite repeated denials. The revelations about Jared Kushner would add further fuel to the theory that Kremlin heavily influenced the election process in favour of Donald Trump. It is however important to point out that two months ago, the White House had in fact revealed that the Russian Ambassador Kislyak had had meetings with Jared Kushner. The contents of the meeting however has made it a part of the FBI investigation that is looking into Russian influence on one of the most dramatic Presidential elections in recent memory.